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The Presentation of the Awards took place on Sunday 26 January 2020 at the Jury Inn Hotel, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire Congratulations to all those SWA members who took part in this very prestigious competition, it grows every year and becomes more and more competitive so anyone who manages to be in the rankings is doing very well indeed. Firstly our teams did well especially when you think Clwyd won the Area Association class with 18995 points, over 7,000 points ahead of their nearest rivals from Home Counties. Clwyd’s success was mainly due to a very successful showjumper!

Our teams were:

4th – SWA Blue Team – 10025 points
Anna Richards Springbourne Cartier
Caroline Stagg Dycott Classy Rose
Caroline Sutton Thorneynewside Joey Essex
Olivia Banwell Delfyw Megan

Jess Talbot & Anna Richards accepting the rosettes on behalf of the Team from Catrin Reed (WPCS Young Ambassador)

6th – SWA Red Team – 7875 points
Nicki McGuire Sarum Japhet
Skyla Clements Drakelands Porsche
Caroline Sutton Peasedown Maddison
Jess Talbot Talmoor Rooney

Skyla Clements & Jess Talbot accepting the rosettes on behalf of the Team from Catrin Reed (WPCS Young Ambassador)

8th – SWA Green Team – 3670- points
Anna Richards Angels Rockaria
Skyla Clements Marons Romeo
Helen Jeans Y Ddol Robin
Skyla Clements Flaming Katie

Elsie Clements, Jess Talbot & Skyla Clements accepting the rosettes on behalf of the Team from Catrin Reed (WPCS Young Ambassador)

All the team members should be very proud of themselves, each team is made up of a representative from each Section plus a WPBR and then the best 4 scores out of the 5 are counted for the total.

Individual results were:

Section A
6th Sarum Japhet – also 5th First Ridden
8th Springbourne Cartier – also 2nd Mountain & Moorland, 3rd Stallion Championship
HC Angels Rockaria

Section B
HC Drakelands Porsche – also 5th Showing 12 & Under
Marons Romeo

Section C
7th Dycott Classy Rose – also 4th Senior Dressage
9th Peasedown Mambo
HC Peasedown Freddie

Section D
8th Browbank Jacob Black – also 5th Senior Dressage
HC Peasedown Maddison – also 3rd Senior Working Hunter Pony
HC Y Ddol Robin
HC Thorneynewside Joey Essex

Small Part Bred not exc 148 cm
2nd Delfyw Megan – also 5th Show Jumping, 4th Showing 12 & Under, 4th Mare Championship,& 4th English Championship
9th Talmoor Rooney – also 2nd Showing 13 & over
HC Flaming Katie

Also congratulations to Stacey Cuddy for winning the Section A breeder – Jilton Prince Charming Cup – with Lledrith Nemesis now owned by Sue Kernan and Aimee Stunt.

If anyone is interested in taking part in the SWA Performance Points Competition, a reply slip is enclosed with an entry form to be sent to Anna Richards and please mark on it if you are interested in being a member of a SWA team. You have to enter the WPCS Performance Awards as an individual but obviously the SWA pays the team entry – forms are on the WPCS website.

Good luck everyone and keep the SWA flag flying – you are all doing so well!

Sue Hardy