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29 April 2020 at 09.05

WPCS appoint Weatherbys Scientific as the Society’s new Laboratory for DNA Profiling and parentage testing, for an interim period.

The Welsh Pony and Cob Society announced today that from tomorrow all DNA profiling of Stallions and Mares, and parentage testing when required, will be provided by Weatherbys Scientific.
This follows the threat of closure to the Animal Health Trust’s Laboratory services and their website statement earlier in March
‘that following a period of dire financial constraints, and with the economic implications of the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK the charity was facing imminent closure.The Trustees and Executive Committee are continuing to seek out emergency funding and a final decision regarding the long-term future of the Trust will now be made towards the end of April 2020.Following recent guidance from the UK Government on tackling the Covid-19 pandemic and in order to make use of the thoseGovernment’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, the AHT has closed its offices until further notice.

During this period the WPCS Office have been in constant communication with the AHT and we are assured that any pending profiles and tests which are held up in their system will either be profiled when they re-open, or sent on directly to the WPCS; who will then forward the samples to Weatherbys Scientific. This will avoid any further costs to breeders whose Vets have harvested those DNA samples.
The data stored by the AHT on behalf of the WPCS is the property of the WPCS, and therefore is not at risk. That data is held on AHT’s behalf by Weatherbys Scientific so it will be possible to access past profiles.
The WPCS would like to thank the staff at the AHT for their helpful attitude during such a difficult time for the Trust and its employees.
Weatherbys Scientific are based in County Kildare, Ireland.

If you have ordered and paid for a Stallion License kit or a Mare DNA profiling – could you please contact the WPCS office via email noting the name of the Stallion or mare in each case (given the current restrictions in place) to ensure that you have the UPDATED form and address labels?
From May 1st, 2020 Weatherbys Scientific are the only laboratory acceptable as processors of DNA samples for the Welsh Pony and Cob Society. Kits can be bought via the Society website or from the office.
• DNA samples may only be harvested by a RCVS Accredited Vet.
• The hair follicle sample must be sent by the Vet to Weatherbys Scientific.
• The form must be signed ,dated and stamped by the Vet and returned to the WPCS Office.
• For all animals profiled from May 1st, 2020, upon receipt of the DNA profile from the Laboratory:
a) the WPCS will retain the original copy
b) a copy will be held at Weatherbys Scientific
c) the Owner will receive a copy of the Animal’s DNA profile.
• The WPCS cannot process applications unless we are in receipt of the signed, dated and stamped form.
If you have any queries regarding outstanding DNA profiles, or would like to purchase a Stallion licensing Kit or Mare DNA Profiling kit, please contact the Office by email

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