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WPCS members who have passed away recently – (source WPCS website)


It is very sad to have to record the passing of the following WPCS members over the last few months.  Many were friends and well known for their ponies and cobs.   Some we have visited in the past on our Autumn Stud Visits to Wales and they are marked with an asterisk.

August 2020

Mr Tom Orrey – Gydros Stud

Mr John Hitchenough – Pantymel Stud*

Mr K Thomas – – Llandaff Stud*

July 2020

David Wynne-Jones – Telynau Stud*

Geoff Williams – Danygroes Stud

June 2020

Mr W E Farrell – Marchwiel Stud

Angelo Panayiotou – Kallistalodge Stud

Mr A R Bowen – Rhydgwilliam Stud*

John Thomas – Trefedw Stud*

April 2020

Pam Page – Winton Stud*

March 2020

Alan Jopling – Flinora Stud

Howard Grist – Riverbank Stud

Cliff Phillips – Rhula Stud


We offer our condolences to their families.


WPCS AGM 2020 – postponed to September 2020


2020 WPCS AGM – second postponement

As members are aware the AGM scheduled for the 4th of April this year was cancelled due to the Covid 19 pandemic. At the time, Trustees took legal advice and followed Charity commission guidance, which led to the postponement of the meeting until the 20th of June, 2020. This also enabled the Society to defer fees already incurred at the proposed venue on to the later date, thereby saving the society funds.
Three months on, the Council of Trustees are in the same position and face the shared dilemma of so many other Charities.
According to the current law the Society must convene an AGM within 15 months of the last meeting held in Glasgow in 2019. This date would be the 3rd of July ,2020. However, with current government guidelines regarding social distancing and the banning of large gatherings of people, it will not be possible to convene the meeting on that date. The Trustees and Company Secretary have looked at all options and alternative ways including the hosting of an online AGM but unfortunately to follow the Society’s Articles of Association, there is no such provision allowed.
It would be possible to convene an AGM at the home of the WPCS Chair with no other members present if 50 members offered proxies to enable such a meeting. The Chair would then open the meeting and immediately suspend standing orders, apart from one agenda item: the announcement of the result of the ballot for the election of 5 Trustees. However, given the current restrictions the induction process would not be possible for the newly elected trustees.
The other consideration against this option which has been a factor in the decision making process are the very high costs of postage in order to convey this message to all members by post – an extra mailout to all members costs approximately £3,000 Added to this; with only two staff members physically present at the Society Office at the moment due to the Coronavirus restrictions and furloughing; preparing the mailing would take several days. This would disrupt the core business activity of registering, passporting and transferring at a time when we are making headway to catch up, after last years backlog and the installation of the new database early this year.
There is another factor to consider as part of this timeline. There is currently draft legislation before Parliament which is designed to assist Charities and Companies in these extenuating circumstances. The objective of the COVID-19: Corporate Insolvency and Governance Bill 2019-21 is to provide businesses with the flexibility to continue and comply with their legal obligations in the difficult conditions arising from the pandemic.
The Bill is introduced by Alok Sharma from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. It includes measures which allow flexibility as to how to conduct Annual General Meetings that take place between March 26th and September 30th, 2020. This would enable the society to postpone the AGM up to September 30th, subject to any further extension of time by the government if the pandemic measures are not relaxed.
Therefore, the Society’s trustees have taken the decision to follow closely the current bill which recognises the current extraordinary circumstances. It is the Society’s sincere hope and intention therefore, that it will be possible to convene a physical gathering for the AGM before the end of September government advice allowing. If for some reason it is still not possible by that time, then the Trustees will continue to align the Society’s timeline for holding the AGM with the proposed extensions or solutions offered at the time from Westminster.
Whilst this is not ideal, it is felt to be the most practical way to carry on the governance and business of the WPCS.
All nominated trustees on the ballot form have been informed of this decision.
During the last three months the trustees have continued to meet regularly to serve the membership via online meetings This practice will continue for the foreseeable future.
We thank the members for their support and understanding at this difficult time and would also like to take this opportunity to thank the society’s staff who are not furloughed, for their energies and efforts to keep the office functioning as a service for members.
The Council has pencilled in the date of September the 26th as the possible date for holding the AGM at the Vale resort near Cardiff. The decision to cancel the dinner remains. The decision to move forward with this date or postpone again will be wholly dependent on the Government’s advice and updated legislation and will be discussed at a Council meeting to be held on the 19th of August.
In the meantime, the Council of trustees will be looking at the Articles of Association to propose a resolution of amendment to cover such events as a pandemic. This will enable future trustees to have a pre agreed structure for enabling online AGM’s so as to avoid this unfortunate situation. This resolution will be put to the membership for their approval and comment at the following AGM in 2021.
In sharing this announcement of postponement online we are aware that there are many members who will not be aware of this decision. We would like to request that you as members who are aware of this notice share the information as widely as possible with your fellow members who are not ‘online’. Thank you.




Richard Broad – 1 May 2020

Medwin Broad‘s funeral will be on Wednesday 13th at 1.30pm at Weston-super-Mare Crematorium. Obviously due to the Coronavirus situation we can only have immediate family attending.  However we will be having the service videoed and will be on a live link. We will upload the order of service and Live Link address as soon as we have it set up.   In the future when we all get through the lock down we will have a Thanksgiving Service for Medwin. Thank you all for your support at this difficult time from myself and all the family

Richard Broad – 30 April 2020

RIP my love, my friend, my rock Medwin Broad. We will all miss you so very much, friends and family alike. You have been such an inspiration to everyone you meet. We have lost a wife, a mother, a grandmother and the boss of the family. The horse/pony world has lost someone with so much knowledge, enthusiasm and a willingness to help everyone. You have left a very big vacuum for us to fill, and we know you will be watching over us. We are so very proud of you, and I will love you for ever.❤️❤️


29 April 2020 at 09.05

WPCS appoint Weatherbys Scientific as the Society’s new Laboratory for DNA Profiling and parentage testing, for an interim period.

The Welsh Pony and Cob Society announced today that from tomorrow all DNA profiling of Stallions and Mares, and parentage testing when required, will be provided by Weatherbys Scientific.
This follows the threat of closure to the Animal Health Trust’s Laboratory services and their website statement earlier in March
‘that following a period of dire financial constraints, and with the economic implications of the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK the charity was facing imminent closure.The Trustees and Executive Committee are continuing to seek out emergency funding and a final decision regarding the long-term future of the Trust will now be made towards the end of April 2020.Following recent guidance from the UK Government on tackling the Covid-19 pandemic and in order to make use of the thoseGovernment’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, the AHT has closed its offices until further notice.

During this period the WPCS Office have been in constant communication with the AHT and we are assured that any pending profiles and tests which are held up in their system will either be profiled when they re-open, or sent on directly to the WPCS; who will then forward the samples to Weatherbys Scientific. This will avoid any further costs to breeders whose Vets have harvested those DNA samples.
The data stored by the AHT on behalf of the WPCS is the property of the WPCS, and therefore is not at risk. That data is held on AHT’s behalf by Weatherbys Scientific so it will be possible to access past profiles.
The WPCS would like to thank the staff at the AHT for their helpful attitude during such a difficult time for the Trust and its employees.
Weatherbys Scientific are based in County Kildare, Ireland.

If you have ordered and paid for a Stallion License kit or a Mare DNA profiling – could you please contact the WPCS office via email noting the name of the Stallion or mare in each case (given the current restrictions in place) to ensure that you have the UPDATED form and address labels?
From May 1st, 2020 Weatherbys Scientific are the only laboratory acceptable as processors of DNA samples for the Welsh Pony and Cob Society. Kits can be bought via the Society website or from the office.
• DNA samples may only be harvested by a RCVS Accredited Vet.
• The hair follicle sample must be sent by the Vet to Weatherbys Scientific.
• The form must be signed ,dated and stamped by the Vet and returned to the WPCS Office.
• For all animals profiled from May 1st, 2020, upon receipt of the DNA profile from the Laboratory:
a) the WPCS will retain the original copy
b) a copy will be held at Weatherbys Scientific
c) the Owner will receive a copy of the Animal’s DNA profile.
• The WPCS cannot process applications unless we are in receipt of the signed, dated and stamped form.
If you have any queries regarding outstanding DNA profiles, or would like to purchase a Stallion licensing Kit or Mare DNA Profiling kit, please contact the Office by email

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The Presentation of the Awards took place on Sunday 26 January 2020 at the Jury Inn Hotel, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire Congratulations to all those SWA members who took part in this very prestigious competition, it grows every year and becomes more and more competitive so anyone who manages to be in the rankings is doing very well indeed. Firstly our teams did well especially when you think Clwyd won the Area Association class with 18995 points, over 7,000 points ahead of their nearest rivals from Home Counties. Clwyd’s success was mainly due to a very successful showjumper!

Our teams were:

4th – SWA Blue Team – 10025 points
Anna Richards Springbourne Cartier
Caroline Stagg Dycott Classy Rose
Caroline Sutton Thorneynewside Joey Essex
Olivia Banwell Delfyw Megan

Jess Talbot & Anna Richards accepting the rosettes on behalf of the Team from Catrin Reed (WPCS Young Ambassador)

6th – SWA Red Team – 7875 points
Nicki McGuire Sarum Japhet
Skyla Clements Drakelands Porsche
Caroline Sutton Peasedown Maddison
Jess Talbot Talmoor Rooney

Skyla Clements & Jess Talbot accepting the rosettes on behalf of the Team from Catrin Reed (WPCS Young Ambassador)

8th – SWA Green Team – 3670- points
Anna Richards Angels Rockaria
Skyla Clements Marons Romeo
Helen Jeans Y Ddol Robin
Skyla Clements Flaming Katie

Elsie Clements, Jess Talbot & Skyla Clements accepting the rosettes on behalf of the Team from Catrin Reed (WPCS Young Ambassador)

All the team members should be very proud of themselves, each team is made up of a representative from each Section plus a WPBR and then the best 4 scores out of the 5 are counted for the total.

Individual results were:

Section A
6th Sarum Japhet – also 5th First Ridden
8th Springbourne Cartier – also 2nd Mountain & Moorland, 3rd Stallion Championship
HC Angels Rockaria

Section B
HC Drakelands Porsche – also 5th Showing 12 & Under
Marons Romeo

Section C
7th Dycott Classy Rose – also 4th Senior Dressage
9th Peasedown Mambo
HC Peasedown Freddie

Section D
8th Browbank Jacob Black – also 5th Senior Dressage
HC Peasedown Maddison – also 3rd Senior Working Hunter Pony
HC Y Ddol Robin
HC Thorneynewside Joey Essex

Small Part Bred not exc 148 cm
2nd Delfyw Megan – also 5th Show Jumping, 4th Showing 12 & Under, 4th Mare Championship,& 4th English Championship
9th Talmoor Rooney – also 2nd Showing 13 & over
HC Flaming Katie

Also congratulations to Stacey Cuddy for winning the Section A breeder – Jilton Prince Charming Cup – with Lledrith Nemesis now owned by Sue Kernan and Aimee Stunt.

If anyone is interested in taking part in the SWA Performance Points Competition, a reply slip is enclosed with an entry form to be sent to Anna Richards and please mark on it if you are interested in being a member of a SWA team. You have to enter the WPCS Performance Awards as an individual but obviously the SWA pays the team entry – forms are on the WPCS website.

Good luck everyone and keep the SWA flag flying – you are all doing so well!

Sue Hardy





There has been a confirmed case of EHV in Hampshire which has resulted in equestrian venues in Hampshire, Dorset & Somerset cancelling events and others are considering whether to or not to at the time of posting this. So if you are planning to attending an equine event I would check before you leave that it is still being held.

The Animal Health Trust has posted the following:

15 January 2020

Further to the recent outbreak of neurological EHV-1 at an equestrian centre in Hampshire, which has resulted in the deaths of three horses, the Animal Health Trust (AHT) has been undertaking laboratory testing and analysis of samples taken from horses connected with the equestrian centre. The results have proven useful in identifying where the infection has been active and support the current veterinary advice on biosecurity.

Dr Richard Newton, Director of Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance at the Animal Health Trust, commented: “The swift action from horse owners and vets from the outset of this outbreak is to be commended. However, it is important that the shutdown at the centre remains in place for now and further testing is carried out before any restrictions are relaxed. If any horse owner is concerned about their horse’s health, they should consult their own veterinary surgeon for advice.”

The disease is a major welfare concern for horses and foals. It can strike any horse at any time, causing emotional, as well as financial strains, on horse owners and breeders around the world. Currently, there is no vaccine effective against all forms of the disease.

Equine Herpesvirus can cause a seemingly healthy pregnant mare to suddenly, and without warning, miscarry her unborn foal. It can cause a horse which appears fit and well to suddenly show abnormalities when walking and within hours be unable to stand. It can also cause respiratory disease, similar to a cold, which can easily spread from horse to horse.The virus lies dormant and then re-emerges when an animal is later stressed, such as when transported or mixed with new horses.





Members, family and friends enjoyed a lovely Christmas lunch after the awards were presented. This was a lovely relaxed social event. Thank you to Jess Talbot and Anna Richards for presenting the rosettes, sashes and trophies to the winners. A raffle was held with prizes generously donated by members which raised over £100.   A big thank you to Sue Hardy for organising the lunch!
The winners, the diners & the raffle prizes





The number of entries for this year’s competition was 5 but only 3 people sent their forms back which was disappointing.  Congratulations to those who took part – keep up the good work!

Sue Hardy

1st       Josh Cuming                                   586 points

2nd      Samantha Mackaill                       415 points

3rd      Katie Bennett                                 150 points


as seen at the Westcountry Equine Fair & SWA Christmas Lunch.

Many congratulations to Ellie Dorill of Somerset, the winner of this highly successful competition whose guess was the closest to the actual number of treats – 713. Well done Ellie who was thrilled to have won such a large hamper of prizes which varied from 2 tickets to the RHS Malvern Spring Festival (Flower Show), Fleece rug, various horsey treats, 2 bags of feed, whip bags, numnah, £10 voucher from Redpost, Just Chaps, childs fleece and more……

Thank you very much to everyone who took part and to Bex Vinnicome for sourcing the prizes and organising the competition.